New York Rideshare Rules


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Quick Questions and Quick Answers

Q) What do rideshare drivers need to do before using Pennsylvania tollways?
A) Nothing: the TNC companies (Uber, Lyft etc.) handle everything.

Q) What are the toll rates
A) Rideshare drivers pay the commercial rate commercial rate when in driver mode, they pay the private individual rate when not in driver mode.

Q) Do TNC drivers need an EZPassNY account?
A) No but TNC Drivers will pay higher rates if they do not have an EZPassNY account.
There are two types of accounts, the best option (the one that gives drivers the lowest rates) is the
E-ZPass NY variety where you have an E-ZPass device in your car. The other type of E-ZPass NY account is the Pay By Plate NY account, the rates are a bit higher because the system needs to read your license plate. If you have no account at all, you will pay the higher "pay by plate" rates plus a service fee to cover the cost of mailing the invoice to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Details The TNC company (Uber, Lyft etc.) sends an electronic report to the New York Tollway Authority and it is dereferenced against the information already in the system and each toll is adjusted as necessary. In simple terms: between the New York Tollway Authority and the TNC information, the "figure it out".

The driver pays the commercial rate when in driver mode, whether or not a passenger is in the car.